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Dover to Calais Ferries

With over 200 weekly sailings from Dover to Calais, the route provides an easy way to cross the channel in just 90 minutes. You’ll benefit from regular deals including free wine offers, short break offers and onboard savings.

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Dover to Calais Ferry Crossing

Ferry crossings from Dover to Calais

The Dover-Calais ferry route is a favourite among seasoned travellers due to it’s short crossing time and extensive timetable. Travelling to Dover port takes just under a couple of hours by train from London and it can be reached by car from either the M20 or M2 motorway. Calais is located in the very north of France, making it a convenient port to use if you’re travelling to other European destinations such as Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

P&O Ferries, DFDS and Irish Ferries all operate extensive timetables for the route with around 10-15 daily sailings each. The Dover Strait crossing time is around 90-110 minutes whichever operator you choose to use.

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Dover – Calais Ferry Timetable & Sailings

Both P&O Ferries and Irish Ferries operate up to 15 sailings per day on the Dover to Calais crossing, with DFDS operating a similar amount during peak periods.

On DFDS and Irish Ferries check-in closes 60 minutes before the departure time, whereas it’s 45 minutes before departure with P&O Ferries. These times can be longer for foot passengers, varying between 90-120 minutes depending on operator.

All departure/arrival times listed in the Dover-Calais timetables below are local times and are subject to change based on weather conditions. Additional services are run during the summer months and school holidays.

P&O Ferries Dover to Calais Timetable

P&O FerriesDepartureArrival
Mon – Sat03:1006:00
Mon – Sun06:5509:30
Mon – Sun08:2511:00
Mon – Sun10:0512:40
Mon – Sun12:0514:50
Mon – Sun13:4516:20
Mon – Sun15:2518:00
Mon – Sun17:2520:05
Mon – Sun19:0521:40
Mon – Sun20:4523:25
Mon – Sun22:4001:15

DFDS Dover to Calais Timetable

Mon – Sun00:1002:40
Mon – Sat01:4004:10
Mon – Sat04:4007:10
Mon – Sun07:4010:10
Mon – Sun09:1011:40
Mon – Sun10:4013:10
Mon – Sun12:5515:25
Mon – Sun14:2516:55
Mon – Sun15:5518:25
Mon – Sun18:1020:40
Mon – Sun19:4022:10
Sun – Fri21:1023:40

Irish Ferries Dover to Calais Timetable

Irish FerriesDepartureArrival
Mon – Sun01:2503:55
Mon – Sun02:5505:25
Mon – Sat04:4007:10
Mon – Sun06:1508:45
Mon – Sun07:5010:20
Mon – Sun09:3012:00
Mon – Sun11:0513:35
Mon – Sun12:4515:15
Mon – Sun14:2516:55
Mon – Sun16:0018:30
Mon – Sun17:3520:05
Mon – Sun19:1021:40
Mon – Sun20:4523:15
Mon – Sun22:1500:45
Mon – Sun23:5002:20

P&O Ferries Calais to Dover Timetable

P&O FerriesDepartureArrival
Mon – Sun01:2502:15
Mon – Sun04:1505:05
Mon – Sat05:2005:55
Mon – Sun06:4007:25
Mon – Sat08:2009:05
Mon – Sun09:4010:25
Mon – Sun10:3011:05
Mon – Sun12:0012:45
Mon – Sun13:4014:25
Mon – Sun15:0015:45
Mon – Sun15:5016:25
Mon – Sun19:0019:45
Mon – Sun21:0521:40

DFDS Calais to Dover Timetable

Mon – Sat00:0500:35
Mon – Sat03:0503:35
Mon – Sun06:0506:35
Mon – Sun07:3508:05
Mon – Sun09:0509:35
Mon – Sun11:2011:50
Mon – Sun12:5013:20
Mon – Sun14:2014:50
Mon – Sun16:3517:05
Mon – Sun18:0518:35
Mon – Fri19:3520:05
Mon – Sun22:3522:05

Irish Ferries Calais to Dover Timetable

Irish FerriesDepartureArrival
Mon – Sun00:0500:35
Sun – Mon01:3502:05
Mon – Sat03:1503:45
Mon – Sun04:5005:20
Mon – Sun06:2006:50
Mon – Sun08:0508:35
Mon – Sun09:4010:10
Mon – Sun11:1511:45
Mon – Sun12:5513:25
Mon – Sun14:3015:00
Mon – Sun16:1016:40
Mon – Sun17:5018:20
Mon – Sun19:2519:55
Mon – Sun20:5521:25
Mon – Sun22:3023:00
Mon – Sun23:5002:20

Facilities on the Dover to Calais Route

DFDS and Irish Ferries each have a fleet of 3 ships operating on the Dover-Calais route, with P&O Ferries operating a fleet of 4 ships.

P&O Ferries use the P&O Pioneer, P&O Liberte, Spirit of Britain and Spirit of France to make the 90 minute crossing. Launched in 2022 – 2023, the P&O Pioneer and Liberte are the most eco-friendly ferries of the fleet and can carry up to 1,420 passengers. All ships have coffee bars, duty free shopping outlets, lounges and multiple entertainment facilities.

The Irish Ferries fleet consists of Isle of Inishmore, Isle of Innisfree and Isle of Isle of Inisheer. All feature a brasserie, bar, Club Class lounges and duty free shops. ‘Adventure Land’ can be found aboard the Isle of Innisfree, helping to keep kids entertained with films, video games and other activities.

DFDS operates Côte d’Opale, Côte Des Dunes and Côte Des Flandres across the route. Côte d’Opale made her maiden voyage in 2021 and is the longest ship used by DFDS on the channel. All boast similar features to those found on both the P&O Ferries and Irish Ferries fleet and have a cruising speed of just over 20 knots.

Common questions on ferries to Calais from Dover

How long is the ferry from Dover to Calais?

The Dover-Calais crossing takes from as little as 90 minutes. Some P&O Ferries sailings can take up to 110 minutes, however the average is 90 minutes.

How early should I arrive at the Dover ferry port?

Check-in usually opens 2 hours before the sailing time and closes between 45 minutes and 60 minutes before the departure time. During peak periods the M20 motorway to Dover gets extremely busy, so it’s advised you allow plenty of time for your journey.

Can I leave my car at Dover?

There is a multi-storey car park with 24 hour security close to Dover ferry terminal. There are also additional car parks further away from the port that offer a free shuttle bus to the ferry terminal.

Is the ferry better than the Eurotunnel?

If you’re travelling as part of a family or large group, getting the ferry to Calais is usually the cheapest option. However, getting through security can be quicker using the Eurotunnel.



  • 35+ sailings daily from Dover to Calais
  • 1.5 hour journey time

*Price for day trip & includes 6 bottles of wine