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France Travel Guides & Advice

We’re continuing to launch new guides each week to bring you our top travel tips and advide for your trip to France so you can make the most out of your break.

Duty Free Shopping

Allowances, savings and what to expect at the onboard Duty Free shops

European Breakdown Cover

How to make sure you’ve got cover for any mechanical breakdowns in France

Travelling with Pets

Our guide to taking pets on a ferry crossing to France and pet-friendly facilities onboard

Day Trips to France

Your essential guide to taking a day trip to France and making the most of it

Driving in France

Everything you need to know about driving laws across France

Avoiding Travel Sickness

Top tips for avoiding becoming ill during your ferry crossing to France

Tips for Foot Passengers

What to expect as a foot passenger and important travel information

Prohibited Items

The rules and regulations for what you’re able to travel with on your crossing

Top Places to Visit

Inspiration for some of the most popular attractions across France