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European Breakdown Cover

European breakdown cover is an absolute must when taking your vehicle to France, as well as any other destination from your French arrival port. It works in a similar way to breakdover cover here, offering piece of mind that if you do suffer any car issues you won’t be caught out with hefty towing charges. Our guide gives you all the essential information you need, whether you only need European breakdown cover for a single trip or are looking for an annual policy for multiple trips across the channel.

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European Breakdown Cover needed for broken down car

European Breakdown Cover Single Trip Policies

Single trip European breakdown cover is usually the most cost effective option if you’re only planning one or two short trips to France with your vehicle per year. You’ll receive the same level of cover as annual policies, but benefit from a cheaper total price for the policy as you’re only taking out cover for the length of time you need it for.

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per day

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per day

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per day

Annual European Breakdown Cover

If you’re planning multiple trips to Europe in the coming year, getting an annual European breakdown cover is likely to be a good option as it usually works out to be cheaper than taking out multiple single trip policies.

The AA provide cover for unlimited trips (up to 364 days in length) abroad with up to 3 claims in total each year, compared to Green Flag which offers 90 days across the year. With all annual policies it’s essential that you let the company know of any change to the vehicle you’d like covered during the duration of the policy term.

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per year (each trip limited to 90 days)

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per year (each trip limited to 90 days)

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per year (each trip limited to 30 days)

What’s included with breakdown cover in Europe?

If you’ve taken out breakdown cover in the UK before you’ll be aware of how beneficial it can be for resolving vehicles at the roadside and getting it to a garage if it can’t be fixed. It works just the same abroad, but the companies use a network of local operators and mechanics in each country to provide help.

With each company listed in our guide you can expect the following as standard with all European breakdown policies:

  • Full roadside assistance to try to get you on your way as quickly as possible
  • English-speaking helplines operating 24 hours per day
  • Onward travel options to get you to your destination and your vehicle back home
  • Pre-departure cover for when you’re in the UK
  • Cover for vehicles of all ages (subject to having a valid MOT)

Some policies will also include a contribution towards garage labour costs, although spare parts are usually at the owner’s expense unless added as an extra when taking out the policy.

Common questions on breakdown cover in Europe

What is the best European breakdown cover?

The best cover for people taking just one or two trips to Europe during a 12 month period is usually a single-trip policy. For longer or multiple trips you may pay less in total by taking out annual Europrean breakdown cover for your vehicle.

Is European breakdown cover compulsory?

No, there’s no legal requirement to have breakdown cover when driving in Europe. Please ensure you check driving laws for any countries you plan on travelling through as there are legal requirements on what must be taken with you in the car in case of emergency or breakdown.

Do I have to take out a separate policy?

Most providers offer an option to add European cover on to existing breakdown policies. This can be cheaper than taking out a new policy, but it’s worth comparing prices (especially if you’re only taking a short driving trip abroad).

How much does it cost if you breakdown without cover in Europe?

As a guide the cost to be recovered to a garage in the UK is usually around £250. This will be similar in Europe, but varies by country and how remote the location is in which you’ve broken down.



  • 24/7 English-speaking helpline
  • Up to £1,500 towards onward travel